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Optical Teosco WDM / BIDI SFP (small form-factor pluggable) module is used in optical communications for telecommunication and data two-way communication applications. Allows you to connect the motherboard of the network device (switches, router or similar device) to an optical cable or network cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair). In the optical component industry, this is a very popular format supported by several manufacturers. BIDI 1G optical SFP modules (SFP-1G-BX-D and SFP-1G-BX-U) are suitable for Single Mode Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, Fiber Channel, SDH / SONET applications. BIDI SFP modules have either an SC or an LC interface that is used for transmitting as well as receiving a signal. The most typical combination of wavelength is 1310 / 1490nm, 1310 / 1550nm, 1490 / 1550nm and 1510 / 1570nm. For connection, you need two different optics, one that emits a wavelength signal 1310nm and receives 1550nm, and on the other side of an optical fiber having a BIDI optic that emits the 1550nm signal and receives 1310nm. In most cases, these wavelengths are listed as Tx (transmitting) and Rx (receiving - receiving) on ​​the optical label.


  • Package: BIDI SFP
  • Data speed: 155 Mbps
  • Wave lenght: Tx1550nm / Rx1310nm
  • Component: FP / PIN
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Connector: LC or SC
  • Warranty: 5 let
  • Product code: TEO-BX155-S53-02M
  • Price depends on packing: 1 piece, 10 pieces, 100 pieces
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