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Kaspersky Safe Kids enables your kids safe research cyber world, and you are bigger supervision over their online activities. You can limit your child's time spent playing games, surfing the web and social networks. It's only needed registration on the My Kaspersky Portal portal, creating a child's profile and downloading an application, or installing an application on a child's device. If you want to to limit the timethat your child spends on his device, you can specify parts of the day or those days of the week when kids can surf the web. Time management function Allows you to lock the device when the time limits are exceeded. It is also possible to make the application notify the child if it exceeds the set time. With the app, you can also prevent children from experiencing unwanted content on the web and limiting installation of applications using the age filter or categories (e.g. games, online stores, entertainment). Parents can also see a summary of their child's activity on Facebook and its publications through the account.



  • Kaspersky Lab: Kaspersky Safe Kids e-license
  • Description: For the safety of children on the Internet: safe exploration of the cyber world; control of child's online activities; determining the location of your child; control of activities on FB, SMS and calls; time management. More on web connection.
  • Other: It protects you from: viruses, Trojan horses, worms and suspicious programs, from spyware and ad code, botnets, computer monitoring methods, attacks of unknown threats.
  • Product code: KL1962OCA
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